Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 11 in Tamatave...

Hey Everyone!

Mandeha mora mora ny asanay! The work this week was so slow! We are kind of rebuilding our program due to people being dropped! Because of that, we are now contacting a lot! It's a lot of fun talking to everyone but at the same time it's also quiet difficult! Haha, mbola mandeha ny asan'ny famonzena!

Really the only news from the investigators is that we will be having a baptism on March 11! His name is Sergio and he's 11 years old! His mom was baptized two years ago but went less active so he was never baptized! It's all good though! We reactivated his mom and having been teaching Sergio the lessons! He's already been coming to church by himself for two years so he already knows the gospel! We just need to get him baptized! We made sure they announced it yesterday in Sacrament Meeting and they did so it looks uphill from here!

That's really about it for the week! Sorry this letter is so short but nothing really happened! However, I really did think a lot about the Atonement this week! It's crazy to think how much the Atonement works in our lives! We use it everyday and it truly is one of the greatest gifts from God and his son, Jesus Christ! It is the only way that we can receive eternal salvation so we must use it everyday of our lives!

Everyday I tell people that our purpose here on Earth is to prepare to meet God! I know that the only way we can do that is through the example of Jesus Christ and his Atonement! That's my little vatsim-panahy this week but I love you all so much and I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Stringfellow
Tamatave Panorama

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