Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 15 in Tamatave...Hard at Work

Manahoana Daholo!

We had an amazing work week this week! We had 32 lessons! 32! Such an incredible blessing we received from the Lord and we look to keep it rolling! That's really all I got to talk about for our work this week! 
We just go, go, go!

This week I also finished the Book of Mormon again! I love reading it so much and I always find something new every time I read! It's such an incredible book and I high advise everyone to start reading it everyday for at least 10 min! With that being said! I'm now trying to read it in Malagasy! I've already started and let me tell ya it's hard! Haha, oh well! I'll just grind through it! I've also been reading the New Testament and I'm already through Mark! I love the scriptures so much and I can't wait to continue my reading in Malagasy!

On Thursday we had a Zone Meeting and we decided to do the entire thing in Malagasy! I was actually surprised with how much I understood! I can honestly say that I understood almost the entire lesson! My understanding is getting better it's just trying to speak the language! Sometimes it's hard trying to find the right word to say or making a sentence structure that makes sense but I know it will come in time! Anyways, We talked about "Fahamarinanan Toetra" in our Zone Meeting! "Fahamarinana Toetra" means integrity in English and it was an awesome meeting! I really did take a lot from it!

President Adams also came out this week to do interviews! He and I had a great interview and he helped me figure out some questions I had! It was my last interview with him before he goes home and he sure did help me out a lot! I'm sad he's leaving this July but he's done a lot for this mission and his time has been well served!

Well, that's it for the week! Sorry if it seemed boring but that's all that really happened! I love you all so much and I can't wait to write to ya'll again next week! Tiako ianareo!

Elder Stringfellow
Elder Stringfellow's Companion talking with someone on the street

Elder Stringfellow tried to get this girl to smile

Elder Stringfellow's Companion

So, far, the biggest Banana Spider that Ryan has seen in Mada

Working on his selfie

More Selfie action

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