Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 10 in Tamatave...Commitment and Sacrifice

Manahoana Daholo!!!

6 months baby! I can't believe how fast these last 6 months have gone! One fourth of my mission is already over and I'm sort of freaking out a little bit! That came way to fast! Haha, anyways we had an awesome week and I can't wait to share some of the experiences we had this week!

To start off nothing really happened at the beginning of the week....We worked and everything was going great! We were hitting most of our times and we were finding new investigators here and there! It was awesome!

On Thursday we had District Meeting and after that we all meet up for lunch! Elder Bowler, who is one of our Zone Leaders, was not salama tsara....He was very sick and there was no way he could've gone out to work! So we put our heads together and decided that Elder Herin (other zone leader) and Elder Turner would go out and work in Ankirihiry today and that I would stay home with Elder Bowler! You're probably wondering why I had to stay home with Elder Bowler and not his comp.

The split was needed because we needed to do a zone leader split anyways and this just made it simpler! So I stayed home with Elder Bowler and cleaned the entire house! Not going to lie but I got it looking pretty good, haha!

On Saturday we had Zone Conference! Our little zone of 12 elders pilled into the Mangarivatra Church and we were given incredible lessons by President and Sister Adams and the APs! It was awesome! We talked a lot about Commitments and Sacrifice! We must be willing to give up everything for this church! Even if it includes our own lives!

It was incredible!  Other than that nothing really happened this week! We are going on splits with one of the APs on Tuesday so that should be fun and I'll tell you how that goes! I love you all so much and I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Word of the week is "Sorona" which means "Sacrifice!"


Elder Stringfellow and Elder Turner posing for an action shot
Their Church in Ankirihiry
Inside the Church
The coast of Tamatave
Teaching the Masses

Crying Repentance to the sea creatures

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