Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 13 in Tamatave...Transfer Week

Hey Everyone!

It was transfer week! Don't worry I'm staying here in Ankirihiry for another transfer but I'm getting a new companion! I will be working with ELDER RAZAFIMANDIMBY! I've already been on couple splits with him when I was in Tana and it should be quiet the adventure! When I worked with him for those two days before he knew absolutely no English! Haha, we'll see where he is now but I can't wait to speak all the time in Malagasy!

The work this week was awesome! We honestly went non stop everyday! We had our baptism on Wednesday with Sergio and everything went well! Wehad only 7 people there (Sergio, His mom, the two missionaries, the two talks, and the Elder's quorum president) but it was still a great program! Yesterday he became a member of the Church and was given the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was an awesome experience and I have pics don't worry!

On Sunday we had 12 investigators come to church! You could say I was a little beyond excited because we usually only average like 4 or 5! I've already talked about that huge family that Elder Turner and I contacted into and 6 of them came to church yesterday! Dina, one of the moms, is almost finished with 1 Nephi and it's only been a week! Last Saturday when we went to teach them they asked if they could have one more Book of Mormon! They already have 2 but they need a third
because everybody wants to start reading! Ahhhh, you have no idea how I excited I am for them! Hopefully everything works out for them and we can get them baptized!

I also spoke some of my best Malagasy this week especially in this one lesson! We were teaching a guy named Andre and he is very smart with the bible! He was trying to Bible Bash us the whole night but we just get coming back with answers that started to get him thinking! My Malagasy was flowing! It seems that when you're trying to prove someone wrong you always start speaking better, haha! Don't worry I did it in a nice way! He got our point!

That's all for the week folks! I can't wait to talk to you again next week and I'll let you know how everything goes with my new comp! I hope everyone has a great week and remember that Elder Stringfellow Loves You!

Elder Stringfellow

Sergio and Elder Stringfellow

Elder Stringfellow, Sergio, and his Mom

Rice and Fish

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