Monday, December 8, 2014

Upcoming Transfers...

Hey Everyone!

Tratra ny Krismasy! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Even though it's summer here and is still really hot you can still feel the Christmas spirit! In two weeks I get to Skype with most of ya'll and I can't wait! Now on to the week!

This week was a crazy week and I have a lot of really cool stories. To start off on Tuesday Elder Hein and I taught the poorest family we've been to so far....They live in a one room house with no electricity or running water. They have a dirt floor and the only two things in the house were a twin bed for the parents and a candle sitting on the window ledge. All seven kids sleep on the dirt floor and they only have one set of clothing. It literally broke my heart when I walked in. It's really humbling being here in Mada and seeing the poverty all around. I'm just really grateful for what I have and were I live. If you get the chance please read the talk by Elder Holland that he gave in this last conference. It has changed my life!

Sorry to start off with a sad story but I got some better ones! Yanta, Flavien, and Sylvie all passed their baptism interviews! They'll be getting baptized on Dec. 20! Either Elder Hein or I wont be here but it's all good! Personally, I think Elder Hein will leave and become AP but we'll wait and see, haha!

I also went on another split with Elder Rasafamandimby. He still speaks no English but this time I was able to talk with him a lot more! It was a really good split other than we got caught in the rain and all the streets and rice patties flooded. Just walking down the street I had water up to my mid calf! Haha, we got super wet but It was such a good experience!

Our stats this week were through the roof! Our district of three companionships alone had 60 lessons taught! It was a really tough week and we came home dead every night but it was so worth it!

That's about it for the week! Tomorrow we have Zone Conference and I can't wait! It's my last week with Elder Hein and we're going to kill it. I'm super bummed that we're almost done working together but I'm finally done with the training program! The mission just keeps getting faster and faster each week! I don't have a lot of pics this week just because we were so busy but next week I should have a lot because we will be getting pics with investigators and members! I love you all so much and I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Stringfellow
Their Area

Elder Cooley and Elder Stringfellow (Both Bountiful Braves) 
Ryan is not Sunburned just red faced from running home at night, according to him.

Their Area Again

Wild Life

Elder Hein, Elder Hein's Trainer, Elder Srtringfellow

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