Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tratra ny Krismasy!!

(NOTE) Ryan's parents sent him a Christmas package on October 24th.  It didn't contain much as we were limited to 4 lbs., but we did our best to give him some of the comforts of home.  One of the presents was a blanket that had 80 + digital images of Ryan's life and our family printed on it.  Ryan received his package yesterday at the mission home and he opened it up.  He was allowed by his mission president to send a quick email home telling everyone he received it....Here is his response...

Hey everyone,

Elder Hein and I are in the Cyber right now typing up area reports for the zone and we have permission to send home a note saying we got our Christmas packages! Don't worry, I'm not being maditra (naughty) or anything sending this home when it's not P-day! I hope you don't get mad at me but I couldn't wait to open it! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BLANKET! That is literally the best Christmas gift I have ever received and I can't thank you enough! Oh, and the American food was also really nice! Anyways, thank you so much again for the package! I love you all! Tratra ny Krismasy!!

Elder Stringfellow
Got the Package
Opened the Package

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