Monday, January 25, 2016

Catching the Vision....

Araka ny fahitako azy, vao nanombaka nahatakatra tsara ny tanjona ho an'ny fiangonana eto Mahajanga ny mpikambana rehetra ao anatin'ny sampana!

Hey Everyone! How how was everyone's week? We had an incredible work week this past week and we think that the branch is finally starting to catch the vision! We had some good things happen this past week within the branch that could highly impact what happens in the future. It's good to finally see some fivoarana (progression) in the branch but I'll talk about all that stuff later. Let's talk about investigators!

First off, our number one investigator right now, Hanja, is doing great and she's going to talk to her parents this week to get their input on whether or not they're okay with her getting baptized. Hanja has been coming to church for the longest time now and the only thing holding her back are her parents. She's 19 years old so she technically has the decision on whether or not she wants to get baptized. She doesn't need permission from her parents because she's considered an adult but she thinks that if she gets baptized her parents will completely cut her off. She's nervous to talk to her parents but she's confident and we have faith that she's going to do it. We'll be stopping by her house tomorrow to see whether or not she talked to them so keep her in your prayers!

The second investigator I want to talk about is Jean Chris. I don't know if you guys remember who he is but he's the man who stopped us last week on the path to find out more about our church. Well, we now have a program set up with him twice a week and he's already finished reading the 1st pamphlet. He keeps telling us that he's "mangetaheta ny fahamarinana" which literally translates into "thirsty for the truth." He's now got his wife learning with us and they've told us that they're highly interested in knowing what our church has to offer. We've asked him and his wife to pray to know if the Joseph Smith story is true and they've accepted the challenge. We'll follow up with him next week to see where he and his wife are at.

Do ya'll remember Saholy and here family? Well, we gave them all baptismal dates for March and one of Saholy's daughters came to church yesterday. The main goal now is to get them all to come to church, especially Saholy! They're a great family and it's good to finally see some progress out of them!

Okay, now the branch! To start off, we had 92 people come to church yesterday! That's the most we've had since I've been here! There weren't any special events, no special speakers, just members and investigators wanting to come to church. To cap that off, we had a really good Branch Council. Basically, our second counselor threw down on how each auxiliary should be meeting each week before Branch Council on Sunday. They also talked about branch goals for this upcoming year and how they're going to accomplish them! We also now have 2 couples in the branch who are designated as "couple missionaries" who are going to help us with our work. That pretty much means we should be getting referrals left and right from them! Things are just going great right now and I can't wait to see where we are in the future.

Well, that's all I got for this week! Things are going really well right now and I can only imagine that they're going to get better. I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Mom, this is the little girl who always draws pictures in my planner. There are also pics of me having fun in the rain and an ocean sunset.

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