Monday, January 11, 2016

Feeling Better......

Tadidianareo ve ny aretina notratrako tamin'ny herinandro lasa? Vao tratran'ny namako izany aretina izany!

Hey Everyone! How was everyone's week? Things we're pretty crazy here but we are slowly getting back to normal. Most of you probably already know that I was pretty sick a couple of weeks ago but now I'm healthy and doing fine. My companion, however, Elder Anderson, is a different story...

On Friday morning, Elder Anderson woke up with a nasty migraine which eventually led into a fever peaking at around 102 degrees. We took care of him throughout the day and eventually got his fever down to a reasonable 99 degrees. We thought we had everything undercontrol and that by the next day he'd be able to work again, but boy were we wrong...

On Saturday morning, the fever had gone back up and the intensity of his migraine had increased. We took turns taking care of him throughout the day and while one was with him the other two were out trying to work both areas. As it turned out, I took the last shift in taking care of Elder Anderson and at this point he was really sick. Let's just say he was in the bathroom for pretty much the whole night and ya'll can probably imagine why. Yep, it was not pretty.

Elder Anderson is doing a lot better now and it looks like he'll be okay to work this week. We just got back from the health clinic and got him some medicine for him. As of right now, it looks like everytihing is going to be all right for this week.

Since Elder Anderson was pretty sick last week we had a hard time getting a lot of work done. We are, however, teaching this lady named Saholy and her family and this last week we had an awesome lesson with them about the Book of Mormon. They seem really interested and they are excited to start reading the Book of Mormon! Hopefully we can get some thing started with them here in the next few weeks. We also taught one of the highest judges in the Malagasy government this week. His name and Antoine and he lives in an incredibly large house. He seems like a really cool guy and we'll wait and see where our teachings go with him.

Well, that's about all I have to say for this week. I sure am glad that Elder Anderson is feeling a lot better and that we'll be able to get some good work done this week. I love you all so much and I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

1. Contacting down by the Shipyard
2. I had to get my clothes shrunk, they were a litte too baggy haha


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