Monday, January 18, 2016

Work, Work, Work....

Karakory ma! Efa sitrana ny namako ary manomboka miasa mafy indray izahay!

Hey, how's everyone doing? I sure hope that everyone had a great week because we sure did here. Elder Anderson is all better and we are now back in the swing of things!

To start off the week we had something pretty cool happen to us on Tuesday. Elder Anderson and I were just contacting down one of the paths when a pretty interesting man called us over to the place where he was sitting. Me first thoughts were, "Oh boy, he's drunk" but when we went over to him he was perfectly sober. He told us that he has often seen us walking down the paths and talking to people about our church. He politely asked us if we could explain what our church is and we gladly did so. He eventually invited us into his home were Elder Anderson and I decided to share a little message with him. We didn't go directly into the Restoration of the Gospel because for some reason I felt that we should share John 13: 34-35. We talked to him about how to simply love one another and that it is one principle that this church follows. He seemed to really like it and at the end of the short message he asked us if we could come back and share another
message with him. We now have an appointment set up with him tomorrow and we'll be sharing the message of the Restoration with him. His name is Jean Chris and we'll see how the lessons goes tomorrow!

On Wednesday, we taught one of our progressing investigators, Saholy, and her family more about the Book of Mormon. We read first Nephi 1 with them and assigned them to read chapter 2. They've already read the introduction and the testimonies of three and eight witnesses but now it's time to get them reading from the actual Book of Mormon. We thoroughly explained the story of Lehi and his family to them and now all that has to be done is to read. We'll keep praying for them to have the desire to read and to know the truth.

Thursday was a pretty normal work day as most of the day was spent tracting and setting up return appointments. We did, however, have a really good district meeting. Usually, the district leader is supposed to plan a lesson each and every week but I didn't have to worry about it this week because we had an activity to plan for. Yep, the missionaries were in charge of the activity this month and what we came up with was genius but also really fun.

Saturday eventually rolled around and after working for a few hours we headed over to the church around 3 o'clock to kick off the activity. What we had planned to do on the previous Thursday was to teach members how they can become missionaries. They way we portrayed this idea was through a handful of skits we created that showed how effectively present this gospel in ways that would help people better understand our church. It was a lot of fun and I think the members got a lot out of it.

Yesterday we had a great day at church and we had 81 people show up! Attendance is slowly coming back up and it's something awesome to see. Other than seeing some progress from the branch, Elder Anderson and I had a pretty good talk last night on principles we have learned throughout our missions. One principle we talked about was the concept of time and how precious it is, especially as a missionary. The mission literally goes by so fast and it's sometimes pretty scary to think about. I have noticed how this crucial concept has played a huge role in how I conduct myself as a missionary and how I decide to use my time. When you think about it, two years really isn't that long and you have to make the most of it. The Lord has given you two years of his own time and all he expects you to do is to pick it up and run with it. It's plain and simple. Put your time aside and focus on those things the lord wants you to do. I feel like sometimes missionaries forget about this key concept and it is definitely something I need to work on. Maybe we all can think about those things that would be more fulfilling towards our time and put aside those things that are less,important. I don't know, I guess that's Elder Stringfellow's little spiritual message of the week.

Anyways, that's my weekly report. I sure do love you all and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Awesome pics are coming!

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