Monday, May 16, 2016

Cleaning the Sister's House....

Manahoana Daholo e!

Tena be asa be za sy namako tamin'ny herinandro teo. Nampianatra be dia be izahay sady nanatrika fotoam-bavaka anikroa tamin'ny omaly.

This last week was busy! Elder Cyusa and I had a lot on our plate but I think we got everything done that needed to get done.

We had missionaries transferring to and from Antsirabe on Tuesday which was fun. Almost everyone is settled in, we just have to wait for the sisters to get down this week.

Speaking of the sisters, the house down here that they're supposed to live was wrecked and Elder Cyusa and I had to find some people to clean this last Friday. We got it all clean and ready for the sisters who should be coming either today or tomorrow.

After we got the house all cleaned, Elder Cyusa and I had lunch with the Senior couple who's down here, the Pascaud's. They're from France and speak absolutely zero English. Let's just say it was a little awkward as a just sat there because I was the only one who didn't speak French.

Sunday eventually rolled around and Elder Cyusa and I had the opportunity to attend our own sacrament meeting and the sacrament meeting in Andranomanelatra. It was a busy Sunday but it was a great way to spend it.

Anyways, that's about all I got this week. Sorry, my letter's not as long as it usually is...I'll try and fill ya in more next week. Love ya'll so much and I hope everyone has a great week.

Love, Elder Stringfellow

Sorry....I can't get pics to work.

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