Monday, March 14, 2016

Nothing but Baked Beans for an Entire Week...

Manahoana Daholo!

Hey Everyone! How's everything going? Things are going great here in Madagascar and Elder Cooley and I still love working together. This week was filled with a ton of exciting events that I can't wait to share with ya'll.

First off, Elder Cooley and I were able to on splits with one of our APs, Elder Glazier! You guys remember him? Elder Glazier was my MTC companion about a year and a half ago and now he's AP. It was an awesome split mainly because I finally got to be companions with Elder Glazier again.

On Friday, we had something really cool happen. Elder Cooley and I were visiting a member family and just sharing a quick spiritual message with them when all of the sudden we were asked by the mother of the family if we could give her a blessing. Elder Cooley and I gladly told her that we would and I had the opportunity of actually giving it. The blessing that I gave her was probably one of the most spiritual moments on my mission. I don't really remember everything that I said but the spirit was there and there was no denying it. It just another reminder to me about how important this work is. We are literal representatives of Jesus Christ and I'm so thankful that I can hold his priesthood.

On Saturday, I was able to go on a split with Elder Tiu who is also from my group and is one of our District Leaders in the Zone. We had a really good day catching 4 or 5 lessons and just catching up on things.

Eventually Sunday rolled around and we were able to attend stake conference. Now that was a cool experience. I had never seen so many Malagasy Latter Day Saints in my life and we completely filled the Manakambahiny Stake Center. Elder Cooley and I translated for mission couples the entire time which was a whole lot of fun. All the talks that were given were very well done and it was a great way to spend the Sabbath day.

Well, that's about all I got for the week. Things are still going great out here in the mission field and I love being a missionary. I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. I'll try and send pictures later today. My computer is whack.

1. Madagascar is pretty dirty
2. Still dirty
3. Elder Cooley and I are going to try and eat nothing but baked beans this week. Wish us luck!
4. Ampefiloha

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