Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Week Down...

Manahoana Daholo!

How is it that another week has come and gone? Time is just flying by and it really does seem that the weeks are getting shorter. Anyways, life is just great out here in the mission field and the Lord sure knows how to keep us busy.

Tuesday was just another typical work day. We literally contacted all day and got some new people on our program. It was great to meet some people who are willing to give up there time to hear our message and I sure hope that it all works out this week. We also had the opportunity to teach Victor and his wife. They're doing great and are still preparing for their baptisms.

Wednesday seemed to be the complete opposite of Tuesday. We taught seven solid times and didn't have any time to contact. Days like this are my favorite types of days because you really feel accomplished at the end of day. Wednesday was a great day.

Thursday was somewhat disappointing because our Branch Fireside fell through. Elder Coleman and I had an idea to restart beach side firesides that missionaries had done in the past and we really thought that the branch was going to follow through with it. We talked about in Branch Presidency meeting and we announced in sacrament meeting, but, in the end, nobody came...A little bit of a let down but we'll try and do it again this week.

Friday was really just another typical work day. We taught Victor again but this time we took Stephano and our Branch President with us.  Now people know where he lives and hopefully the members will start visiting him and his family. That's one problem that this branch has.  No one does their home teaching or visiting teaching. It's something we're trying to fix and hopefully we made it clear to our Branch President.

Saturday was a pretty good day. It started off by going the church in the morning to teach English. We had a really good English class and then after that we had a really good work day. We taught a really cool family who we believe could be a really good asset to the church. They're still new to the gospel but hopefully we can get some type of flame started with them here in the next little while.

And finally, Sunday. We ended off the week with a bang. We had 6 investigators come to church which included Cece as on of the them. I don't know if ya'll remember who he is but he's our investigator with the pet lemurs. It was great to seem him at church and actually stay for all 3 hours. We're going to get a bap. date set with him this week and hopefully we can get something going with him. Also, 3 of 6 investigators who attended church yesterday should be getting baptized next week and I get to conduct their baptismal interviews this week.  Should be fun!

Well, that was my week. Elder Coleman and I had a great week this week and we really do enjoy working together. We should be having a new transfer next week and Elder Coleman has a really good shot of leaving. I sure hope we stay together! Anyways, love you all so much and I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Stringfellow

Pics! Tena vitsivitsy ny sary avy amin' ity herinandro ity! Miala Tsiny! That's our chapel!


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