Monday, September 28, 2015

Hiking get the best view!

Manahoana Daholo,

Tena miala tsiny fa somary tara kely androany aho! Sorry, I'm a little late today... We just hiked a huge mountain as a Zone and we just barely got back! Way fun though, haha! Anyways here's all the details about the week:

Voalohany indrindra, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Hope you have a great day! Love you so much!

Yes, the packages have come! Thank you so much for sending those! The candy and medicine were needed but honestly, the best part about it all were the hand-written letters! They really did make my day and I'm happy to see that everyone is doing great back at home!

This week I was able to conduct a split with the Ambohimena West Elders, Elder Horspool and Elder Lake! Man they are some dang good elders! It was cool to work with them for a day and learn some new teaching and finding techniques that I can imply into my work! I thought that splits were going to be somewhat of a hassle at first, but they're actually great learning opportunities! I feel like I know now the importance of why splits are conducted and I'm going to go into every split, from now on, we a desire to learn something new!

VOANGY AND PRISKA! I love these two so much! We have been teaching them for a while now and Voangy is finally off of coffee! We will be having the Baptismal Interviews this week and they should be getting baptized on Oct. 10! In our last lesson with them, our Branch President was there and Priska (Voangy's 18 yr. old daughter) asked him when she could receive her calling! She's not even baptized yet, but she already wants a responsibility in this church! I think that I can honestly say that out of all my investigators that I have taught, they are the most prepared for baptism! They are what this church needs!

We had another miracle this week if you can believe it! On Saturday, Elder Becker and I were tracting and we found a man named Jean Elise!  He gladly let us in and all we were planning on doing was introducing ourselves and getting a new time set-up! Well, I guess that while we were introducing ourselves I mentioned something about the restoration and he instantly wanted to learn more! We introduced him to the restoration pamphlet and shared Joseph Smith's first  vision! After we did all that he literally said this to me, "Is it okay if I have this pamphlet? I really want to read it and maybe next time I'll ask you guys some questions! Oh, can you guys also come back next Saturday at this time?" What?! That never happens! Well, we now have a program set-up with him every Saturday! I'm telling ya, If you put in the time and work hard, God will bless you and you will see miracles happen!

Well, that's my weekly report! Love you all so much and I hope that everyone has a great week! GO UTES!

Elder Stringfellow

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