Monday, September 21, 2015

Miracles & Life Lessons Learned from Grandpa Perkins

Misy ny fahagagana maro eto Andranomanelatra izao!

Miracles! That's all I'm going to say! Not going to lie but this week was probably one of the most spiritual weeks of my mission thus far! I don't know what it was but we literally saw miracles left and right everyday and I can't wait to tell ya'll all about it!

To start off, on Wednesday Elder Becker and I went on a split with on of the AP's, Elder Rigby! It was such a good split and we saw a huge miracle from it! While we were tracting we saw a man standing out in front of his house and we decided to go up and talk to him! His name is Paul and he gladly let us talk to him about our message! He wouldn't let us in his house but he let us describe a little bit what we do! We talked a little bit about our work but we didn't really see the conversation going anywhere and decided to end it by inviting him to church! We really didn't think anything of it because we always invite everyone to church but almost every time that don't end up coming....Well, on Sunday, Elder Becker and I walked into our Tent/Chapel and guess who was sitting there? Yep, Paul!!! He really came! After Sacrament I went up to talk to him and this is literally what he said to me, "I got some things I need to think about." Holy Cow! If that's not a miracle I don't know what is! We went to his house later that day and set up a program with him next week!  Hopefully we can get him to come to church again!

On Friday we had another Miracle happen! We went out to Sarodroa and we decided to mix things up a little bit by teaching Raymond and Bebe first! Bebe is Raymond's Mom and she has been learning for a long time but still isn't baptized! She has been waiting for Raymond to finish his divorce papers before her baptism because she wants to be baptized together! Well, Bebe is starting to get tired of waiting and she wants to be Baptized now! I talked to President Foote about it and we still think it's better if she waits for her son Raymond! I told Bebe that on Friday and I thought she was going to kill Raymond, haha! She said, "I can't get baptized because of you! Hurry up and get divorced already!" haha! Well, now Raymond is really trying to get his papers done and hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll see a baptism in Sarodroa!

On Saturday, we had yet another miracle happen! Elder Becker and I found this new investigator a couple of weeks ago named Solo! Solo is awesome! He's very smart and things come easy to him! Our lesson this week was about the Restoration of the Priesthood! He was still having a hard time trying to understand why Prophets and the Priesthood are so important! Elder Becker and I really stressed the importance of Priesthood and we shared the example of Moses from the Bible! We finally got him to understand that the thing that makes a prophet a prophet is the priesthood! We then went on to teach about Christ's church and how it fell into Apostasy! I then shared the first vision again with him and showed him three pictures: God and Jesus Appearing to Joseph Smith, the picture of Christ ordaining the Apostles, and the picture of Peter, James and John restoring the priesthood to Joseph! I showed him how Christ put his hands on the head's of the Apostles and then how they did the same thing to Joseph! After that something clicked in his mind and he understood it! I could literally see the change of perspective in his face and it gave me goose bumps! It was literally one of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission!

Ryan with Nana, Grandpa Perkins, & Papa on night he was set apart
Last little cool, spiritual experience I had happened yesterday right after church! One of our Branch President's daughters just gave birth 10 days ago and we were visiting her and her new baby! I let Elder Becker Share the Spiritual thought which related to the five principles of the gospel: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End! He then turned the time over to me and all I was thinking about was Grandpa Perkins and how he tries his best to live according to those principles! So what did I do, I talked about my Grandpa and how he has been an example to me in living this Gospel! I'm so grateful for that man in my life and I'm thankful that I can share his example to the people here in Madagascar! It was another really cool experience!

Well, That's my weekly report! I sure do love you all and I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Congrats to the Football team for beating WX!

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