Monday, August 31, 2015

Zone Leader & Pigs

Voatonga ny vaovaon'ny transfer ary za vao lasa ny ZONE LEADER!

Hey Everyone!

Well, transfer news came this week and Elder Becker and I are still together for one more transfer! Thank Goodness! I've had a lot of fun with him so far and I can't wait to continue to work with him! Along with that came some other news, I'M A ZONE LEADER! What?! Yep, Elder Obioma and I are now the Zone Leaders in Antsirabe! I'm replacing Elder Herrin who just left for Tana to become the new AP! Not going to lie but I'm way nervous! It took me completely by surprise when President Foote called and asked me to be the new Zone Leader and I hope and pray that I can fulfill this new assignment! Elder Obioma and I aren't in the same companionship but I can't wait to start working with him more and more to try and strengthen this Zone!
Anyways, that's the big news for the week!

Work was awesome this week! Elder Becker and I set some goals and we literally saw miracles from our efforts! We found a really cool family last week and we taught them about the Restoration on Saturday! Holy cow was the spirit felt! I taught about the first vision and then asked them to pray about whether or not Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus! They accepted the challenge and hopefully they did so! Prosper, the father of the home, was really interested in our message and we have a return appointment set up for next Saturday!

All the other investigators are doing well and Voangy said she wants to be baptized on the 19th of September! I know it's the week after our original goal but we believe she's ready whenever it is! We love teaching her and we can't wait to see her baptized! She had a really good time at church yesterday and she's progressing very well! I love her!

Crazy story of the week was the valala storm that happened on Tuesday!
Valala means Locust in Malagasy so you can probably imagine what that was like! There were literally billions and billions of 4 inch long Locust flying around Antsirabe! I got some crazy pics and videos that ya'll have to see! It was insane!

Well, that's my weekly report! A lot has changed in just a few days and hopefully I can fulfill my next assignment! I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Congrats to the football team for beating the Vikes!

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