Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bananas....Its All About the Bananas

Nandalo tamin'ny hopitaly tamin'ny alina izahay satria tena marary ny zanako....

 Hey Everyone!

Okay, so we had a pretty normal week up until yesterday! The meaning of what I wrote above is, "We stopped by the hospital last night because my son is very sick..." Yeah, Elder Becker got pretty sick yesterday and after reaching a fever of 105 degrees we thought it would be best if we took him to the hospital, haha! Luckily, he's feeling a lot better and the Malaria test came up negative! Let's just say that we might be taking it a little slow for the next few days until Elder Becker get's back up to strength!

This week work was a little slow....We still worked hard but absolutely nobody was home! Here in Mada right now it's "Famadiana" season or the "Turning of the Bones!" Malagasies take this fomba gasy very seriously and when they're going to do a Famadiana, they're going to do a Famadiana! Don't know if that made sense but let's just say they take it way serious! Well, there was a giant Famadiana in Andranomanelatra this past week and nobody was was rough but we're hoping that next week will be a lot better!

We did give out a baptismal date to one of investigators however! Her name is Saholy and she has already been reading from the Book of Mormon! In our lesson this past week with her she asked a lot about baptism and we took the opportunity to set up a date with her! She accepted her baptismal date for Oct. 17 and she even asked if she had to bring her own baptismal clothes, haha! Hopefully we can get her baptized!

I'm finally feeling better! The past two weeks did it's toll on me but I think I finally found the cure: BANANAS! I'm not even kidding! If your feeling sick, go eat a banana! It's sounds so wierd but I'm thoroughly convinced that is the reason why I'm feeling better! I buy a kilo of bananas everyday for about 800 AR and I just snack on bananas all day! Seriously though, EAT BANANAS!

Well, that was my week! It's was pretty slow up until yesterday when all heck broke loose but everything is all good now! Haha, it's all about the experience right?! Anyways, I love you all so much and I hope that everyone has an awesome week!

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