Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventures in Madagascan Dentistry...Transfer Week


Well, Elder Stringfellow's time in Tamatave has come to an end.....I have been transferred to Andranomanelatra in Antsirabe (Here is a Link with Info on the Area) with Elder Mumford! I AM SO PUMPED! Antsirabe has a ton of Mountains and is a lot colder than Tamatave! Antsirabe is one of the coolest areas in the mission and I can't wait to work there! By the way, Elder Stringfellow will have to learn how to drive stick so please pray for him, haha! To make matters even better I'll be heading down with Elder Herrin and we'll be leaving together again! He will also continue to be my Zone Leader!

I have loved everyday in Tamatave and it was really hard to say my goodbyes this week! I have become so close to so many people here Tamatave and the people of Ankirihiry have a special place in my heart! I am going to miss this place so much and I am so grateful for the time I had to serve here!

That's everything that's happened with transfers but now here's what happened this week!  Mom, please don't freak out when you read this but I got to visit a Malagasy dentist this week! Haha, it was awesome and I have some weird feeling that you're going to freak out! Don't worry, I just had
a filling or something fall out and I decided that I wanted it fixed! Luckily, one of our investigators is a dentist so I just asked him and he did an awesome job! No shots, no pain, no nothing! The dentist
office was a little sketchy and luckily I took pics to show you all!  Again, please don't freak out! I am perfectly, 100 percent healthy!

This week we had a BAPTISM! I was so blessed of having the opportunity to baptize Tonya! I know I told you last week that her brother was going to do it but last Monday night the family decided
that I was going to do it! The service was awesome and we had a lot of members come for support! Yesterday Tonya became a member of the church and received the Holy Ghost! It was probably one of my favorite days in my mission so far! After the service we all headed over to the New Church (which opens this Sunday) and moved chairs in! I missed it by one week but I'm so glad it's finished! It looks awesome and the members of Tamatave are going to love it!

Well, this is my last letter that I'll be sending from Tamatave! I'm going to miss this place like crazy but I'm excited to leave! I can't wait to work with Elder Mumford in Andranomanelatra and I can't wait to see how the work is going! As always, I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Stringfellow

Celebration Dinner for Tonya's Baptism

The Dentist Office

The Dental Chair

Crab Laoka

Elder Razaka, Elder Stringfellow, and Tonya

Must be Cold

New Chapel in Tamatave

More new Chapel Pictures

The Trio - Part 1

The Trio - Part 2

Uh Huh - The Trio - Part 4

Elder Stringfellow in Front of New Church House

Ryan with some church members

Ryan with some sisters of the Ward

Group Picture of the Elders in Tamatave

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