Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 7 in Tamatave...Baseball Season is Ready in Madagascar

Hey Everyone!

This last week was transfer week and the good news is that Elder Turner and I will be working for 1 more transfer together! Let's just say I'm really, really happy that neither of us will be leaving Ankirihiry!

The work this week was great! It was the same old same old as usual but we did drop 3 bap. dates to some investigators and we are planning to drop another 3 this week! We are teaching a mother and her son, Oliva and Olive, who are the most prepared for baptism! They are actually really good friends with Norbert and that's how we met them!

I think that we'll catch them for sure on April 4 and I hope that everything works out for them! All the other investigators who have dates are progressing well but I think it will be a while until they are completely prepared! Anyways, keep your fingers crossed!

Also, Elder Turner and I started tracting into a different part of our area on the beach (YES THE BEACH)! The only people we could find are rich white French people which doesn't help us at all but the area is so beautiful that Elder Turner, Elder Godfrey and I will be going there today so Elder Godfrey and I can play catch! It's going to be my first time throwing in about 5 months so we'll see how that goes, haha!

Last little info for the week is that Elder Turner and I got our bikes fixed, finally, and started riding them! Let's just say my bottom is a little sore but by the end of my time here in Tamatave my legs are going to be shredded, haha! Anyways, that's it for the week! I hope everyone has a great week and I can't even express all my love for ya'll!

Elder Stringfellow
Utah Baseball Season in Madagascar with Elder Godfrey (Mtn. Crest) and Elder Stringfellow (Bountiful)

Playing Catch on the Beach
Playing Catch is Universal even in Madagascar

The "Stringfellow" Gym

The Beach

Madagascan Chicken Nugget Stand...Ryan says he eats there everyday

More Tamatave

Ryan and a Turtle

This is what happens when you ride a bike on a beach
Navigating the local market with Elder Godfrey


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