Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 6 in Tamatave = 6 Months so far....

Manahoana Daholo!

I hope everyone had something crazy that happened during their week because nothing happened here! It was just the same old same old and we worked and worked and worked!

Elder Turner and I have been looking for a new missionary house because the one we live in right now is way expensive because of the electricity bill! To me it doesn't really make sense because a lot of the time we don't have power.....Oh well, we'll keep looking! We actually did find a massive one and it could be a potential!

I did go on a split with Elder Nelson who's from my MTC group!  Personally I thought I taught one of the better lessons that I've ever taught! We were teaching this guy named Willey who lives with his two other Frat Bros, haha! We tracted into them about a week ago and the first time we taught them Willey's two other friends were swearing and stuff during the lesson but Willey was really curious about our message! When I went back on Friday it was just Willey who was home (Thank goodness) and I asked him what he remembered from our first lesson! He said he remembered the story of Joseph Smith but he was just confused on why he became a prophet! I asked him if he had remembered what the Apostasy was and he had no clue! So, we had an hour long lesson on the Apostasy and he and I connected real well! He was also taking notes! Missionaries love it when they take notes!  Hopefully we can get somewhere with him!

Anyways that's about it! Really the only crazy thing this week was that Elder Godfrey found Oreos and just gave me one! My first Oreo in my months!!!! Haha, yep that's about it! Anyways, hope ya'll have a great week and I love you all!

Elder Stringfellow
Elder Stringfellow at the shores of the Indian Ocean

Elders Godfrey (Mtn. Crest Mustang) and Stringfellow (Bountiful Brave)
The Beaches of Tamatave

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