Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 3 in Tamatave...

Manahona Daholo!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! This week has been filled with work! Elder Turner and I set a goal to get at least 28 hours of work this week (the mission standard) and we pulled it off! It was hard with it being the new year and all and with our church time changing from 10:00 to 1:00 but we stilled did it!

Our investigators are all still doing great! Bri and Sandy are still set for January 17 and we checked up with them this week to see how they felt! They both said that they feel ready and I believe we won't have any problems with them!

Something really cool/weird happened at church yesterday! Elder Turner and I were just sitting there when all of the sudden Norbert walked in! WHAT!?! Yeah, Norbert was out here in Tamatave for work and decided to come to our church! He also took us to some of his non member friends and we got to teach a lesson with him! Haha, he's a crazy dude but I love him! No matter where he goes he's always sharing the gospel!

Other than that I really don't know what else there is! With it being New Years and all everybody was drunk! Haha, it's funny but sad at the same time trying to see a drunk dude stumble his way around the streets! Oh, well...only thing you can do I guess is preach the gospel!

Sorry that this weeks letter isn't as long as usual but nothing really did happen besides a lot of missionary work! I hope ya'll have a great week and that ya'll have some new perspectives for this new year! 

Love ya'll!
Elder Stringfellow
Exhausted Elder

Found a Chameleon

Purchased Toys

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  1. Thanks for doing this blog, we love reading Ryan's posts and seeing his pictures. He is doing an amazing job and it's so fun to read his missionary experiences!