Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Everyone!

This week marks our 3 month mark here on the mission! Time is flying by and the weeks just feel shorter and shorter! It's been one crazy week but I sure did enjoy it! To start off I went on another split this week and I got to lead it again in our area! I went with Elder Cyusa who is from Rawanda! He's a baller! Luckily he knew English but he doesn't know any Malagasy! I got to speak the whole day in Malagasy and I really know a lot more than what I thought I knew! Probably the best split I've been on so far and tomorrow I'm going on a split with Elder Cooley! I'm sure the two boys from Bountiful are going to have fun tomorrow!

The news about our baptisms on Nov. 29 isn't looking too good....Tsimangiki and Sava still don't have all their papers but they should be getting them soon! Elder Hein figured out their problem and hopefully it doesn't take too long! As of right now we don't have any baptisms for Nov. 29 but hopefully we'll have a couple in Dec. Sylvie, who we just started teaching is an 11 year girl who lives with Yanta and Flavien and I bet she gets baptized in Dec. Gina is still uncertain if she should be baptized right now but I think she will be in Dec. so keep your fingers crossed! Right now Elder Hein and I tract a lot and we are teaching a lot of new people! Oh, and Norbert is doing great! He was super exited to show us his new background on his phone which was a picture of the savior! Such a baller! I can't wait till he gets baptized even if I'm in a different area!
This weekend we had Stake Conference! It was really boring and I don't really know what was going on but we did get some really good/funny pictures of us in our suits! I'll make sure to send them home!  Church still isn't finished as of right now but rumor has it that it was finished yesterday! Elder Hein and I have been in there a hundred times and it looks finished so keep your fingers crossed!

Well, it's Thanksgiving this week and to start off the week right we had a Turkey Bowl! Lot's of fun I can't wait for Thanksgiving mainly because we have a Turkey living in the garage and we're going to kill it and eat it on Thursday! Super Pumped!
That's about it for the week! I got a ton of pics and I'll send them home! I think about and pray for ya'll everyday and I hope for the best! I love ya'll so much and I hope ya'll have a great week!


Elder Stringfellow

Rice Fields

More Rice Fields

A Dog

Spider in Tree

Spider Up Close - Ryan said it was as big as his face

Elder Stringfellow

Wearing a suit and climbing on the roof

Sitting on the roof wearing a suit

Deep Thoughts

Future Bishopric

Still wearing suits

GQ'ing it

Turkey Bowl for P-Day

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