Monday, November 10, 2014

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner!

Dear Everyone,

The weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter here in Mada. The rainy season has now hit us and it rains almost everyday around three or four. I have never seen so much rain in my life! It just completely pours! It's also getting a lot hotter! Summer is just starting and by January it's going to be very hot! However, the work still goes rain or shine.
Our investigators are all doing well! Yanta and Flavien just received their marriage papers! It only took the government 2 years to complete them but they are getting baptized on Nov. 29! I'm so happy for them! They've waited two years to become members and now they finally can! Tsimangiki and Sava are also doing really well! We should know today if their papers came and if they did they will also be getting baptized on Nov. 29! Gina will also be getting baptized on Nov. 29 if she feels it's right. She's just a little confused on a few things. Norbert and the family are just simply amazing! They're still strong in the church! Norbert asked us last night if he could move his bap date to Jan. 4! It worried us for a second but his birthday is Jan. 4 and he wants to get baptized on his birthday and throw a huge party after. It's completely fine it's just that either me or Elder Hein won't be there because of the upcoming transfer in December. Which reminds me this week is transfer week!

Elder Hein and I are staying put here in Tana because I still have six weeks left of training! The only Elder leaving the house is Elder Razakamandimby and we're all super sad about it because he's such a cool Malagasy. Because he's leaving we decided to buy a chicken and cook it up last night. Only problem was it was a live chicken and it's been living in our garage for a week! When Elder Razaka found out he was leaving and we told him to go buy a chicken he bought a living chicken! So yesterday we killed it after church, de-featherd it, and cooked up last night! Haha, I have some pretty funny pictures of us with the chicken and I'll send them home!
That's about it for the week! Christmas is just starting up here and we're already singing Christmas hymns in church! It sounds weird but remember they don't have Thanksgiving so....BRING ON CHRISTMAS! I hope you all have a great week! Elder Stringbean loves everyone of you!

Elder Stringfellow
Walking through the Rice Fields

Elder Hein and his new Musical Instrument

The Chicken

Soon to be Dinner

Second Thoughts...

Nevermind...Plucking Dinner

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