Monday, November 17, 2014

Best Week So Far...

Hey Everyone!

It's been one of the best weeks here in Country so far! To start off the week on Tuesday night we had to say goodbye to Elder Koplin's comp, Elder Rasakamandimby. It was really hard to say goodbye to him because we all got so close to him but he's going to go kill it out in Antsirabe!

Wednesday! Probably the best day I've had in the mission so far! Because Elder Rasakamandimby left Elder Koplin got to come on a split with Elder Hein and I. We had so much fun!!! We had to jump accross some polluted streams and we got some pretty funny videos! We also have some really good pics and I'll make sure to send them home! That night Elder Koplin got his new comp, Elder Razazarohavana. He is a Baller! He and Elder Koplin are going to get their area going and I can't wait to see what stats they pull!

The rest of the week we just worked but Elder Hein and I pulled the best stats we've had so far! There were a lot of highs to this week but their was also a few lows. The biggest low was with our investigators Yanta and Flavien. They're completely fine and they have their marriage papers and they are completely prepared for baptism. The only thing the have to do know is sign one of their marriage paper but they want to have a party when they sign it and Yanta wants her dad to be there. Only problem is that he lives 14 hours away and probably can't afford the trip until January. So, along with Norbert and his family they wont be getting baptized until January which stinks because either Elder Hein or I wont be here because of the upcoming transfer. Tsimangiki and Sava are our only hope for getting baptized on Nov. 29. We should know buy this week if everything is in order so keep your fingers crossed.

The church still isn't finished but we might have stake conference their this week which I'm super pumped about! All that's left is water and electricity and then the church will be ready. I know I've said this a lot but OUR CHURCH IS WAY TO SMALL! We really need this church finished because once it is our branch will become a ward!

I don't really know what's left to talk about. I'm doing really good and I'm really beginning to love the Malagasy people! They aren't the nicest people at first but once they realize that these two white dudes don't speak French they turn into the nicest people in the world! To tell you the truth the mission just feels like it's flying by right now! I can't believe I'm at my 3 month mark! Honestly the fastest three months of my life! I love being a missionary and I love being here in Madagascar! It's not always easy to adjust to life here but it's well worth the experience! Thank you so much for all the prayers that you give for the missionaries. I really can feel them influence my work! I love you all so much and I can't wait to tell you about this next week!


Elder Stringfellow

Elder Koplin and Elder Stringfellow

Soccer Field Where the Missionaries Play
Elder Koplin and Elder Hein



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