Monday, April 4, 2016

New Suits

Nanana naman'ny fiangonana anakavalo izay namonjy ny fotaom-bavaka tamin'ny omaly izahay. Izay no manaprofo fa ny ankamaroan'ny naman'ny fiangonanay  am' izao no mampihatra ireo zavatra izay ampianaranay izy ireo.

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone had a great week and that you were all able to enjoy conference these past couple of days. We haven't had conference yet but we should be having it this next week and I'm super excited. Anyways, Elder Cooley and I had another great week and I can't wait to tell ya'll about it.

I might just jump straight to what happened yesterday because yesterday was our best day of the week. We had 8 investigators come to church yesterday. Yep, you heard it, EIGHT! Poland and his whole family came along with William, Tsilavo and his little sister, and a way cool new investigator named George. Victor didn't come yesterday, however, because he had a funeral to go to but he informed us yesterday that he will not be missing next week. The majority of our investigators right now seem to be doing really well and hopefully Elder Cooley and I seem some of them baptized before the end of the transfer. All those who came to church yesterday we also taught yesterday and we believe that they are all ready for baptism. What's way cool about is that most of them are husbands and they're really pushing for their wives to get baptized with them. Way cool huh??
Plus, everyone is vita soratra so we don't have to worry about getting anyone legally married ha ha. The work just seems to be going right now and hopefully we see some big things happen here in the next couple of weeks.

I don't have a whole lot more to say other than Elder Cooley and I are working great together. We love working with each other and we are starting to see some big things happening in the area. I love working with him out here on the mission and I can't wait to hang out with him after. Oh, and by the way, we finally got our suits this week. I got pics of me in my new suit and in my one from Antsirabe so I'll make sure I send those home. Anyways, love you all so much and I hope that everyone has a great week.

Love, Elder Stringfellow

P.S. Happy birthday to my lil bro who just turned 18 last Friday. Love ya bud!

1.Walking on and falling through bridges ha ha 2. Elder Cooley and I make the best homemade tacos ever



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