Monday, October 6, 2014

First Letter from Madagascar...Short but Sweet!

Manahoana fianakaviako!

(Mada = Madagascar) (Tana = Antananarivo)
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First day in Tana
Madagascar is crazy! It`s super third world but I love it! Right now I`m serving here in Tana and I love it! It`s really dirty and everyone basically lives in a shack but they`re so ready to hear the gospel! My trainer is Elder Hein and he is amazing! He speaks the language so well and he`s helping me so much! Our area is huge! We`re white washing the area right now so we tract a lot! We basically hike up mountains all day! I can only say a few things in Malagasy and that`s usually to the little kids! They`re everywhere! They`re always super interested in us mainly because we`re white but some little kid at soccer today kept feeling my arm because he had never seen red hair before! It was awesome! They live with what they have and that`s basically nothing, but they`re so humble about it!
View of messy house...6 elders live there
Our house is actually pretty nice for Madagascar! It`s still like nothing back home but it will do! I haven`t really seen anything crazy yet other than some chicken fights and lizards running across our walls but I`m sure I will! The food here in Mada is a lot better than what we had in the MTC! It`s simple but it tastes so much better! We actually cook a lot back at the house and we make some pretty good stuff! Our house has six elders in it currently and two of them are Malagasies and one is Tahitian! However, they all speak English which is super helpful! 
View from the top of their Area
Church yesterday was awesome! I got to bear my testimony to the world and I loved it! We had 131 in attendance and we had 17 investigators! Elder Hein said that was the most he as ever seen! Teaching the investigators is really fun! Even though I don`t say much Elder Hein is able to get the point accross! I wish I had a picture of him but I don`t at the moment, I`ll make sure I`ll get one for next week! Hope everything is going well back at home! There are a lot of things I`m missing right now but I know it will all be there when I get back! You have to keep everything here simple and it`s been hard to adjust to but I know I will over time! I love you all so much and I`ll make sure to send some pics!
Love Elder Stringfellow


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